Emotional support first from parents is a must

February 21, 2013  |  Uncategorized  |  No Comments

Have you wondered why so many young adults go astray? As parents we tend to blame it on various factors and reasons, such as peer pressure, wrong company etc, but did you ever stop to think, there is no such thing as right and wrong. Indeed, right and wrong are two facets to life, but as parents it is us who would teach our kids the right from the wrong.

Have you spent enough of quality time with your child? In most families it is seen that both parents are working, and sometimes they bring their work related matters home. This is a very common scene these days, and parents think that when they provide enough of material benefits to their kids, their job is done. NO, it is not!!

Emotional support is a must have for every growing boy and girl. They need to have an assurance that parents are around to hear them out. Growing up and getting into your teens isn’t an easy task, it’s a time of storm mentally. And if you as parents don’t bring down that storm, it could channelize wrong energies here which would do plenty of harm when the kid grows up.

Not only kids, but grown ups and senior citizens at home too need emotional support and an abundance of it as dosage. There are so many things which one wouldn’t be able to talk it out to the world, even a counselor for that matter.

Everyone wants to be heard, but they don’t know who to talk their minds out to. And when they aren’t heard, they feel alone, dejected and worthless. This shouldn’t be the case, not when we can take out an hour or two everyday to sit and talk.

Talking and communicating helps, especially when you need certain issues sorted out and when you can make light of everything around. So the next time you tell your child or anyone for that matter “I don’t have the time”, think again. Someone else might just step into your shoes and hold fort, it would be too late then!!